Is this ministry against a Christian confessing his sins?

Let me say this clearly: I do believe in the confession of sins and I do confess my sins still. But there’s a big difference now—I confess my sins knowing that all my sins are already forgiven. I don’t confess my sins to be forgiven. Because I have a close relationship with my heavenly Father, I can be honest with Him when I’ve done wrong. I can talk to Him about it, receive His grace for my weakness, and move forward knowing full well that He has already forgiven me through His Son’s sacrifice. And I no longer worry about the fact that I can’t possibly confess every sin, because I know it’s not my confessions that save me, but the blood of Jesus.

Beloved, our forgiveness was purchased perfectly with our Lord’s precious blood. It is not contingent on how perfectly we are able to confess our every sin. How can our forgiveness be dependent on the consistency, frequency, and quality of our confessions? That is bound to fail! Our forgiveness is dependent on our faith in the quality of our Lord’s sinless blood that was shed at the cross. There is a world of difference between these two bases for our forgiveness, and it results in a world of difference to your peace of mind!

Grace doesn’t make light of sin; it is the power to break free from sin! And this is the present truth of grace in which God wants us to be established (see 2 Pet. 1:12)—that concerning the confession of sins, we confess our sins because we are already forgiven, not to obtain God’s forgiveness. The more conscious you are of how forgiven you already are in Christ, the more you will truly live above every defeat.

Joseph Prince, Grace Revolution—Experience the Power to Live Above Defeat (New York: FaithWords, 2015), 84–85.